Ayanleh Osman


About Ayanleh Osman

Ayanleh Osman is a dedicated and action-oriented talent that spends 7 years in largest logistics company of Djibouti before joining HLB team. His background and numerous experiences in local firms build and strengthen his skills to provide adequate advices and solutions in line with specificities of the Djiboutian market. Thanks to his devotion to provide best services to our clients, he contributes to the extension of further services and the creation of the advisory department.

Ayanleh Osman daily enriches the HLB Djibouti team with his old-hand techniques and practices to advice and guide our clients to take best decisions. He is mainly in charge of:

– Ensure compliance services to client
– Ensure high quality advisory report on tax, legal and social matters
– Collaboration with other HLB Djibouti department to provide legal and tax references and explanations

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