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Profil du pays

Déclarant son indépendance en 1977, le pays prit officiellement le nom de République de Djibouti. Les langues officielles sont le français et l’arabe : l’afar et le somali sont en effet largement parlés eu égard à la composition ethnique du pays.

Occupying an area of approximately 23 200  Km2, Djibouti is small but it is a very strategic country due to its access to the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean: Republic of Djibouti is a well known gateway to the horn of Africa and the wider region of East Africa. The country has limited natural resources or agricultural advantages, however, regarding its geographical position, port industry and logistics services enhance and maintain since years the economic growth. According to African Development Bank, in 2014, the country posted impressive results with a economy’s growth rate of almost 6%!

The strongest potential of Djibouti is the population, around 962 451(INSD, 2018 Edition), with more than half under the age of 25. The country is young which leads to positive expectations for years coming in terms of labor force, opportunities for tax revenue growth and building dynamic social economic ecosystem.

Who we are

Formerly Alef Consulting founded in 2011, the firm joined the HLB international group in 2015. In a short time, HLB Djibouti has stood out.

We have a history of innovation, collaboration and are dedicated to helping clients grow in the Djiboutian market and across borders including Somaliland and Somalia.

HLB Djibouti office is located in Héron, 5min from the business center of Djibouti.
We believe in investing our time, understanding, innovative solutions and working on meaningful long-term goals are main key success for our clients businesses. We do, also, believe a successful business should be based on rewarding human interactions therefore HLB Djibouti team make sure to develop a close and unique relationship with our clients and partners.

The firm manages a portfolio of diverse business clients, both local and international.The firm promotes gender equality and the place of women in the areas of accounting dominated by men.

How we work together

Regardless of what sector you operate in, business is about people. Building a trusted relationship with you wherever you take your business is highly important to us. To best service our international clients, we take the time to get to know you and understand your specific needs.
Our team of financial analysts, payroll specialists and certified business accountants are well trained for providing top-notch accounting support to your clients. Successful public and private (SMEs or multinational) in Djibouti rely, since years, on our services to sustain their business. We are focused on providing high value-added advices and support, in long-term clients to make sound financial decisions. Through our strong market knowledge and understanding, we design offers and provide assistance to build capacity for our clients so they can reach into their potential!

Together, we make it happen!


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