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About Ramis Houmed

Ramiss has been a certified public accountant and statutory auditor since May 2011. He founded and manages HLB Djibouti since 2015. His past experiences in the port, banking, and private industries in Djibouti have provided him with excellent skills to cover a wide variety of financing operations. Well-known for his insightful advice, over the years Ramiss has developed the ability to build a strong network through his exceptional business approach in a small, competitive, and challenging market in the Horn of Africa. With a keen eye for detail, Ramiss has mentored and invested in a talented and dynamic Djiboutian team to tackle all challenges and provide excellent service to clients. His team has started working with small local businesses in various fields such as logistics and ports, banking, IT services, and airlines, which has helped the office become a strategic partner in the region and expand its portfolio. Empowering women in accounting is also part of his leadership and goals. Creating an inclusive culture is essential for Ramiss in a country where accounting is primarily a male-dominated field. Through HLB Djibouti, Ramiss, at a micro level, helps stimulate conversation and initiate change in society. Today, the team welcomes more women and encourages them to take up leadership positions within the office. He contributes to his community by being a member of several charitable associations. Committed to promoting his field of expertise, he carries out numerous mentoring programs.

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